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Jeremy's Custom Guitar

The guitar was assembled using parts from Warmoth Custom Guitar & Bass Parts Finished product
youtube video of how it sounds..

Jeremy's Speaker Cabinet

The guitar cabinet was designed to hold 2 12" speakers. It is assembled from 13/16" ply and is our first attempt at a speaker cabinet. We will build a second, but this time using 13/16" baltic birch ply.
The cabinet was constructed using box joints on all of the edges for strength and to avoid using screws. The front panel is held in place in a groove that is routered into the four sides (top, bottom, left and right). The back panels are bolted on to 2x2" blocks which are held in place in 2" wide grooves routered into the four sides.

Box Joint and back panel showing the groove that will hold the front panel
Front panel showing the grooves in the bottom and side panels
Back of the cabinet with the 2" grooves for the 2x2 blocks.
Close up of the grooves for the 2x2 blocks.
2x2 installed in the groove
2" groove in the side.
Only the back panel to go
Close up of box joints. No screws required.
View from front panel prior to covering with Tolex
Starting to cover with Tolex
TruGlu - Tweed and Tolex adhesive
Clamping the Tolex in place while the glue dries
Speaker grill covered with speaker cloth
Starting final assembly. First back panel covered and installed
Assembly complete. Testing with a small VOX amp
VOX amp and assembled speaker
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