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Amateur Computer Club Newsletters

This is a list of the old Amateur Computer Club Newsletters from the UK dating from the early 1970's. This was around the time of the first microprocessor chip sets such as the Intel 4004 and 8008.

Looks like I finally signed up to be a member around 1976. See the list of members

The first real microprocessor that I worked with was an early engineering sample of the Motorola 6800 family. It was marked as an XC6800. See this link for some background on the name/number of engineering samples. The early evaluation devices were distributed to engineers packaged within a suitcase Evaluation module. This must have been around 1974 while I was working at, Clarke Chapman's Advanced Technology Division. Later called NEI - Industrial Technology Unit.

Home Made 68K Single Board Computer

The last issue of the Amateur Computer Club Newsletter has a preview of the new Motorola 68k CPU, which was used on the Apple Lisa computer. Motorola released an 8bit bus version called the 68008 and I designed / built a single board computer using this as a hobby starting around 1981. At the time, I worked for a technology consultancy, Gellman, Hayward and Partners, and I used their Apple Lisa computer to document the project.
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